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Posted in My Poetry with tags , , , on April 21, 2018 by Plathinson

Had you not heard
the pounding of footfalls on pebbles?
Didn’t wind get the word to you?

I was not the loudest among cacophonies
and I brought nothing but monochrome years
in a birth suit, who would even dare notice my bronze?

My feet said hello to the same grains that welcomed
everyone else’s foot soles; my toes, the most excited
to be exactly where you teased them first.

Ebbing tide: your classic tale.
Didn’t you know I came all the way from Sahara?

I never resented the moon
because you were not meant to stay immobile
nor was I destined to play logs along your shoreline.

Time just took so long to pass
and I felt home missing me.

© Gheeneil



Posted in My Poetry with tags , , , on April 13, 2018 by Plathinson

You and I: a couple
of straight lines—
too close to a point
from a distance.

© Gheeneil


Posted in My Poetry with tags , , , on April 5, 2018 by Plathinson

A winter kiss
is not worth
a little bit
of bare skin.

The harder
your wind blows,
the stronger
the arms cling
around the body,
keeping a straitjacket
closest to the bone.

It is never ever
made to leave
and this hour is
just the coldest.

© Gheeneil


Posted in My Poetry with tags , , , on March 22, 2018 by Plathinson

The number of times
she stepped into this place
was near infinite:
clumsy footprints built
roads and routes.
Who would dare claim
a square inch?
This should’ve been
named after her—
this landscape she made
that messed up
the map.

© Gheeneil


Posted in My Poetry with tags , , , on March 12, 2018 by Plathinson

They used to be
just whispers—
flies in his stale
scrambled eggs,
hardly served
on the table
every morning
at breakfast.

Tales were stories
only told when
he retired
for the night.
Whoever would
want a corpse
for an audience?

Ah, such was
an invitation
only Phobetor
could not turn
his back on…

What seemed like
mere silence
turned up so loud,
transforming a vibration
into different frequencies
anyone could listen to

© Gheeneil


Posted in My Poetry with tags , , , on January 30, 2018 by Plathinson

I soar high on imaginary wings
and grab hold of the rope that pulls me.
Cob webs are dusted off
from where the hourglass is thrown.
Gone is the voice, but the echo lives on—
So I have believed.

After one thousand eight hundred twenty five days
in detention, where I gave birth to indecision,
I break a wall down
with my bare hands and a broken wing
So I have thought I’m freed.

Day and night, I take flight
listening to the sound that resonates
in memory, I seek homage in your words;
Though they are no longer mine,
the amber skies know
they once were.

© Gheeneil


Posted in My Poetry with tags , , , on November 25, 2017 by Plathinson

One foot after the other:
a quiet saunter toward the splashing waves
where salt smells memory,
pungent to taste.

In moments when
she is too weak to fly,
beneath her sole,
the sand murmurs the sound
to the part of her thoughts
where a wing left broken.

Into her fortress,
she moves her feet fast,
making light yet loud footfalls,
teasing the ocean to come get her.

And as she rows
against the wind and tides
that force her to shore,
she is home.

© Gheeneil