Spoken Word Poetry didn’t get to me the first few times I saw SPW videos. But, three years ago, Sarah Kay made a stir and turned me into a fan. The first one I listened to was “If I Should Have A Daughter,” and then I started following her after that. “The Type,” “A Love Letter,” “Postcards,” “Toothbrush To The Bicycle Tire,” “An Origin Story,” [one she does with Phil Kay] and some others are my favorite.

Sarah doesn’t just say the words. Even before she delivers them, her face wears the emotion that I can feel the pathos or the joy like they are my own. Every word she speaks gets to me, creating its own identity like hearing the word “toothbrush” is no longer just it. It connects to the poem. I love the way her voice sounds and her hands move— truly an amazing artist who entertains every person in the audience by merely watching her perform.

Just a couple of nights ago, my friend, Claire, and I were two of the lucky poetry enthusiasts who got to see Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye perform live in the country. They had a 2-night show— March 1st and March 2nd. Although we didn’t get the chance on the first night of the event because tickets were sold out fast, we were there on second night! BIG THANKS to Claire Bonghanoy who really made an effort to take us there in the audience! The show started around 8PM and ended at 10PM, which was immediately followed by meet-and-greet session and book signing. With a thousand of people queuing up, we didn’t think we could make it to the airport by 1AM. It was sad to not get the book with Sarah’s sign on it, but we decided to just leave and had a late dinner with another friend, Alex. We were famished. The last bite we had was when we had our lunch at the airport. We flew all the way from Davao just for the show.

That was a very momentous night! phil and Sarah


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