I wrote “Breath of Dawn” in 2009. Three years after that, I sent it to the Editor of Emerge Literary Journal in response to their call for submission and was accepted for their October 2012 electronic issue. In January 2014, ELJ included it in their print anthology.

Emerge Literary Journal Issue 4

In the same year, my other poem, “Sylvia Plath”, was also accepted for publication in Scissors and Spackle Issue 12 print version.

Scissors and Spackle Issue 12

I’m forever grateful to Maria Linskey for copies of those two poetry journals I received just yesterday. This (self-proclaimed) poet is broke and so this fan, sole member of the Fan Club (gee-whiz!), bought them from CreateSpace. She is my sister-in-law’s younger sibling who just moved to the US. Thanks, In!

It’s truly fulfilling to finally get these hands on books that contain my poems, and to see them on the shelf close to Hughes’s, to Bergh’s, and to some others.


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