To Papa:

A year feels like a second—
Too fast that we hardly notice it’s gone
But time is wiser, I suppose
One look at you and I can tell
Just how long it’s been
taking years off your lifetime.

Now, I fear one thing—
If I could share you my years, I would.
You still have stories to tell.
Life has been beautiful;
Spending mine with you is!

Oh, look how far you have traveled!
Those creases and wrinkles say so;
Yet, your heart has never grown old.

I love you, Papa!
That it makes me feel vulnerable of your own pain—
I ache when you’re hurting;
I cry your tears when you don’t show them.
I can’t stop thinking of you these days.
The thought of you becomes my silent lullaby—
It makes me smile;
It makes me cry.

© Gheeneil


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