I also enjoy writing lyrics. I wrote a couple in my early 20s. I submitted one to Paramount Music Group in Nashville, Tennessee. I heard back from Norm Daniels [Creative Director] and then, from David Robinson [Creative Manager]. They sent me their feedback along with a contract. Yes, you read that right. A contract! I didn’t sign it, though. It’s a long story. Anyway, here’s another old piece.

Far across deep waters,
where the sky calmly rests
on the palm of the earth;
the sight of nature bathes
in clear light of morning,
keeping some breath alive.

I fly weightless like a feather—
Unmindful where this very waking moment takes me to.
I love the feeling that embraces
the very core of my being.
All I want is a day like this—
Another day like this.

Trees sway and leaves fall off
like strands of auburn hair,
whirling through the wind.
All it takes as you drip
Oh, tiny crystal balls
One drop to get to me.

© Gheeneil


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