I took down a Mathematical poem, F(x)=x^2, I posted way back on this site for publication. I heard back from Twisted Vine Literary Art Journal and was informed they would publish it in their next issue.

Three years ago, two other Math poems captured the interest of Kendra Gimblet, the editor of WalkingBlind Art and Literature digital magazine. She sent me an email and asked for my permission for publication. They appeared in their October 2010 issue.

Truth be told, I was one of those who loathed Math. I am no wizard on the subject, but I came to understand and love numbers when I studied it in college. Poetry, though, is my first love. After finishing school, I used its concept as an approach to presenting the theme in some of my poems. It was supposedly an experimental stuff until Kendra took interest in them.

I’m hoping to get some people, if not all, appreciate the beauty of Mathematics and Poetry.


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