He trudged the road to nowhere
Nobody cared and nobody to care
But he chose to join life’s race
Though he ran a strayed pace.

Once the world threatened him,
Nothing could seem to hide the shame—
He begged with his palm opened wide
A dire need overcame a pride.

He bumped into trees of fortune:
Wept and cried and mourned
No one came or lent a hand
Oh, he was no stranger in this land!

Dream: A blurred vision for a sight
But the vigorous heart spent time to fight;
When a day’s through and no one to woo,
Not a single night he knew where to go.

The same old odious and messy host
Warmed him, cared for him, loved him the most
So, he found the comfort in his sleep
Tomorrow would be a long time to wait!

© Gheeneil


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