A very emotional piece I wrote 4 years ago when a dearest one, a nephew, was seriously sick and had a 50/50 chance of survival. He was just a child, around 4. We almost lost him.


Crooked back in the shady nook
Cocooned in numbness
At the sight of grains
Falling fast at early dawn.
Silence whispered the plea
into heaven’s ear:

If there be a flight today:
The freedom of the soul from the flesh,
Let me lift the weight of his cross,
And I shall take it with me
To the Gate of Pearl.

Hands clasped together,
Calming shaking fingers.
Beads of sweat from weeping palms:
My appeal to cherubs
In every falling grain.

In your tranquil isolation,
Tears pricked from the corner of my eyes
As your sleepy heart knocked soft
Against the wall of your chest—
Your lullaby’s new melody.

In each pound, your voice echoed—
Whispering and then pleading
A home to belong to.
Breath held; eyes closed
At the sound of falling grains.

© Gheeneil


2 Responses to “FALLING GRAINS

  1. Emotional depth is marvelous indeed, like an honest prayer – an ultimate wish.

  2. An ultimate wish granted. Thanks again!

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