Into the blue they swam like dolphins.
Each dive a dip into ocean-deep bliss;
Symphonic cacophony surfing through rhythmic waves
under bright spotlight, burning delicate skin.

Who would heed the heat,
if the sky spoke of a promise fulfilled?
Pool of faces, drowning amazed;
Laughter struck a jealous shore.

The breeze, warmer than last summer,
hummed the most favorite song in life’s prime.
Earsplitting little voices:
The call to freedom.

Into the blue I let go a child.
Each dip a sip, quenching thirst;
Then the sound of yell deafening—
Mine, loudest; theirs, soundless.

© Gheeneil


2 Responses to “SUMMER SCENT

  1. This is beautiful, words are acoustic and images are fantastic … 🙂
    Even rearrangement creates its own rhythm…

    “Symphonic cacophony

    ocean-deep bliss
    rhythmic waves
    bright spotlight
    burning delicate skin
    promise fulfilled
    jealous shore
    life’s prime
    humming song
    Earsplitting little voices
    deafening yell

    quenching thirst

    Into the blue
    drowning amazed
    Pool of faces
    Laughter struck
    warmer than last summer
    heed the heat

    The call to freedom
    dip a sip
    let go a child
    sound of yell

    Mine, loudest;
    Theirs, soundless.”

  2. Indeed, rearrangement still sounds as wonderful! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂

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