Out in the moonlight, I sought your presence—
Breathed into life through the growing old sepia parchment,
kept among the potpourri of dead petals, forever treasured
Like any damsel would a billet-doux.

Smooth strokes of your quill filling the pages
With your bare-naked heart’s salty-sweet sweat
Dripping off the corners of the four-sided
floral scent messenger.

Creases and torn edges
Spoke the number of times I unfolded and refolded it.
As silence read out to me each line over again,
The dead romance rekindled in my eidetic memory.

© Gheeneil


2 Responses to “BILLET-DOUX

  1. I liked your piece and wanted to stop by and say thak you for following me. I hope it remains interesting for you.Best.>KB

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