Beyond silver glow, past little fireflies, too, I eloped with you. At the dawn of a much warmer evening, the wick flickered sparks of black, showing off routes to infinite darkness. Before we headed farther away, you turned to the leaves and pled.

My friends, could you keep an eye on the crescent? Make sure it never goes our way,

Then the blades fluttered like wings as they gathered around, trapping pale strayed beams.


I breathed in pins and needles each time I tripped and faltered through the shadows. I tried not to get caught by a single strobe.

Are we there yet?” Asked I.

“Hours ago, yes,” The sound of your voice mimicked silence. Confused, I paused to ask again.

Then where else are you taking me?” You looked at me, and took me by the hand.

Come along. I’ll show you around.

Not understanding much, I followed you until the darkest part, where skies were foreign to light. A vast place of nothingness that exactly looked like you was all I saw. Footfalls slowed down as my eyes were dying to get freed. Sensing how I felt, the comfort came.

Look at me.

I didn’t know there was anything else around that was not you.

I did just that the whole time!

I heard a chuckle, and then a voice filled with sarcasm.


In my ears, your whisper was the loudest that your words got through my lips like I was speaking them.

I may be everywhere. But you never look me in the eye.

Suddenly, streaks of blurry light shone straight right where I was, and like a sheet of paper tugged between gravity and a strong wind, I felt lost.

Crimson streaks flashing out clearly now, draping over you with blinding light. With grace and pride, the sun rose in elegance as it spoke.

“Are you blind?! Look around, and see what you can find!

Raging rays pierced through me like pieces of broken glass.

Lies, maybe” came a hoarse response while my eyes scanned through shades, searching for you. But all there was to see were fake shadows that drowned some eyes in deception.

Do you love beauty?” the sun teased, and everything around sparkled like diamond.

Who doesn’t?” I replied.

Then the lightning struck each other, exploded like fireworks on the 1st of July. The wondrous display sought to attract a soul, though I thought it lacked something to complement it. I knew what I wanted.

I’ll be out again come dusk!

Words hit a ray of light, flickering in anger.

Not while I sleep! I’ll send for the stars to keep you in sight!


I sought you out where light could not see. And because I knew you far better than the last time, I asked the wind to stay still, silencing merest echo of escape. I couldn’t tell how far I had traveled, but I knew where exactly I was.

© Gheeneil


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