2012 French-Canadian romantic sci-fi film, Upside Down, causes this thought to gad about—again. It’s not the romance, though I say, it makes an interesting subject. Love is so archaic that it still has the propensity to hype up a stir through time. Legendary! Anyway, before I get off tangent, it’s the idea of dual gravity that touches a nerve of curiosity. Imagine a world with double gravity, and then, one of which pulls from exactly opposite direction. The line of symmetry tells any outsider to back off.

Gravity just creates its own world and keeps everything in place. It’s possessive. It pulls down whatever belongs to it. It dictates which ground both feet must be planted to. Think of a dust. Imagine how weightless it is. It may move away or fly a tad higher when the wind picks it up, but it doesn’t take forever until it’s home again. Whatever leaves just comes back.

I suppose this is the juxtaposition between opposing forces existing in the society today. Or maybe, it describes the relationship between reality and that of a wish, like the one I always keep.


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