Reflection doesn’t reveal an image. It distorts it, creating a duplicate of something else. But, deception doesn’t only extend toward the outside. It penetrates deep within the origin. Here’s one of my published poems called “Asymmetry“. Read on!

Fidelity to actuality:
A belief to an intuition.
Your mind tells you what should exist
Human as you are.

Amid ocean of words,
I swim into the depth of your thoughts
My lexicon is full;
My hunger is not sated.

Scrape of the quill on ivory sheet
Polished by a creative mind
Yet behind it, the scrawling words
Bare of imagery; devoid of beauty.

Everything is surreal—
The feeling; the thought
Words drip off yellow pages
I see nothing but stains now.

Published on
Digital Magazine
October 2010

This poem also appears here.


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